It has surfaced (I have revealed) that I’m following a diet of consommés -euphemism for- I’ve been basically handicapped from an oral injury so I eat baby food now. But this is a beautiful internet place of wonder and freedom so let’s stick to the positives: I’ve been exploring creams, cold soups, cooking in general and getting fabulously lean in the meantime. Examples below. I’m here to tell you what you can get from a “liquid diet” and how easy it is to do.

Look how happy a liquid diet can make you, -temporarily for a photograph-

the “official” benefits of the blends diet

Blends have actually quite a good rep in the science world. When you eat blended food, your body takes less time to breakdown the food. Your body can convert the food immediately and extract the essential nutrients. Which means, energy comes to you faster. Less energy is wasted in digestion, so your body uses this extra energy in healing processes.

No bloating, and easier digestion means anyone with IBS will be over the moon with blends.

The question on everybody’s lips

what DO i eat?

Well. I got it down to an art now. I eat very well. I try to make the main meals from scratch and I buy snacks, as clean and unprocessed and “whole food”-like as I can. I try to think in terms of nutrition- everything else is extra. I’ve had to figure out how many calories I need and how to pack them. How much fat, fibre and protein I need to eat, then I buy whatever has these nutrients. By the time I’ve “covered” all the nutritional checklists, I have so much food I almost don’t have time to eat it all.

main meals

A vegetable cream. I’ve tried and really like broccoli, asparagus, cauliflower, zucchini, onion, carrot, cucumber/cheese. It’s easy and you barely need anything to make them. They have barely any calories so that gives you room to “eat” a lot more snacks. The other day I needed something more special so I cooked a whole “roast” and then blended my plate. It took forever, and it could look gross to some people, but for me at this point, it was amazing. You can literally blend anything, but a cup of vegetables is what I find is easy and healthier.

For breakfast, I have my morning smoothie that is simple and super yummy.

general snacks

Fruits, nuts, oats. Which translates to: Nut milks and fruits. Peanut butter. Cherries. Raw cacao. Everything in smoothie form. I always mix something that has protein with fruit, never fruit smoothies alone. That balance is important.

Cream cheese with herbs is a good one as well, when I can find one with no other ingredients.

Natural kefir mixed with fruit (or honey/peanut butter)

in moderation

I’ll buy chocolate coconut yoghurt and sweetened greek yoghurts. I have mixed honey and yoghurt. I’ve mixed everything with yoghurt! I try to limit myself though, because it’s so easy, and it’s so easy to overdo and just eat always yoghurt derivatives and vanilla puddings.

The good, the bad and the suicidal

The good thing is that once I decided what I was allowing myself to eat, and I chose things that were appealing to me, it was very very easy to stick to it. I “eat” a lot, whenever I’m hungry and I am always satisfied and don’t have any guilt trips because everything I eat is completely clean and my only carbs come from fruits so they don’t bloat you.

I eat a lot more vegetables, more easily than ever before. Honestly the vegetable creams have been a revelation. I was always too lazy to make them but once I got into the habit, they’re fantastic, refreshing in summer (cold) and comforting in winter. I love soups now! I’ve become a mean soup maker. Sometimes I even prepare a sauce on the side and then not only do I have a soup, but a side of hummus, for example.

I’ve learnt a lot of cooking in general. Because I have to make sure everything I put into the blender is going to work together, after some trial and error I’ve gotten the flavours down. I know how much salt and oil something needs for the dish to “work”. Somehow, having to blend it makes it easier to understand the formula of food. I’ve learnt that cheese with vegetables tastes amazing so vegetable soups with cheese are a thing now. And it’s a substitute for salt as well. I’ve also learn you can easily use leeks instead of cream and it gives you the same flavour. Things like that.

My body is very lean, and especially my tummy is flat as ever.

The worst: The beginning was suicidal, I did not know how to do this, I felt so weak and I wasn’t eating enough. I couldn’t think of what to eat because I’ve been a 100% solids person all my life and I eat tons of crunchy things normally (I lived on bread and salads pretty much). So no bread and no salads. That’s the worst.

Also, eating meat is challenging, for the meat eaters. You either have to be in peace with the fact that sometimes you’re gonna be blending meatballs along with other roasted vegetables (it used to deter me but, not anymore), or just avoid it. HOWEVER, if you like foie, which I do….go crazy. Foie and jam is a completely blend-approved scenario.


I drink way less water, I guess because everything I “eat” has so much water content I’m just not thirsty.

I go to the bathroom the same. I don’t know why this was a surprise. I was expecting baby-type poo. I don’t have baby poo.

Like everything, chewing is a habit. I used to die with cravings of munching on things but I don’t think about it anymore. If anything chewing right now seems like a lot of work. I can have a cup in one hand and be reading a book with the other, I save so much time.

THERE ARE NEVER ANY LEFTOVERS! Leftovers drive me crazy, especially living alone, it’s so hard to figure out the quantity of things and then disposing of them. You know what the quantity of ingredients is now? Whatever fits into my blender’s cup. (about two standard servings of “normal” food, if you wanna know). I eat it all.