Yesterday I had the pleasure to be made up by a longtime family friend, law-girl turned makeup artist Pilar Victoria. Dropping the name of her brand for Spanish gals interested: Essens beauty.

I was curious to get her take on my face because she always has on this lilac veil that is fresh and I really like, and I never wear normally. So I asked her to do on me what she’d do on herself, her signature look.

Pinks on me look quite dramatic, they actually went much warmer and brighter than they do on her. I was pleased with the iridescent lipstick, a finish I never wear either that’s very eighties. And of course, purple on the eye makes the emerald flecks go wow, despite the fact that my eyes are more indigo than green. I feel like a Barbie Girl in a Barbie World. 

She applied a serious quantity of blush, and it looks doll-like and sweet. I think I have to up my blush game.

I also like the blurred liquid liner, another tip and taking on, and the fact that she put the shadow all the way into my inner eye, because my eyes are spaced out and they can take it. I like that!

She used most of my own makeup; links to products below to recreate this look:

The Tom Ford lipstick is Boys in Jude

Tom Ford Quad in Honeymoon (pink shades only)