Every once in a while I have a change of heart. Since the Summer, I have not wanted to wear jeans. It usually coincides with a variation in my body shape or a change in perception- the canons of beauty change all the time.

I don’t like skinnies on me right now, I feel like they look dated and they make me look thick. I’m finding it exceptionally hard to find jeans that are high waisted enough to sit on my belly button, where it matters. I’m also unsure about the crop flare, that was all the trend in my head last year.

I’ve been fantazising about a jean thats faded blue, sturdy but soft, with a true high waist (below the natural waist is not “high waist”) and falls slim to an ankle length (difficult enough on my 28” inseam legs), without clinging to the thighs.

Once it had been decided that this was the description of the “cool girl jean”, I set out to find them.

My online search was inconclusive: I searched for months and couldn’t find anything that would respond to the specifications, everything looks so different on fashion models bodies (and on different people in general, to be fair). Because of my size, currently 23-24, I’m pretty much limited to designer denim if I want to find any quality. There are no mid range options. & Other Stories doesn’t drop from a 25. Even in designer the options aren’t great: Citizens are huge on their Premium Vintage collection even in a 23, as well as MiH that only comes down to 24 and they’re baggy on me. CK jeans were okay, but terribly clingy on the thighs, they made me look big where I’m really not.

The search for the cool vintage slim continued, and I finally found the first style that I was happy with in AGOLDE. A classic California americana brand from the 80s that has reappeared in recent years. I present you the AGOLDE Nico.

They are sublime: High but not super skinny, or wide, and they come in unpretentious shade of “normal” blue. They have a bit of stretch. A classic.