I had such a wonderful experience recently with my hair, I wanted to share a few pictures. For years I've been getting a pretty blunt cut, because I like the hair at the ends to look full. However, I was craving a layered style, a style that I had for a while circa 2013. For this, I seeked the hairdresser that I was going to back then, or rather this time, his protege. Paul at Salon Sloane does my hair and he is an artist, there's no other way to describe it. It has more movement and it looks sexy in a natural way. Here's my refreshed trim after three months. I'm also happy with the length, it's long but not tired.

We had a chat about the products to use, because my hair is fine and tends to get dry. And he agrees with me in taking a frugal approach: Less stuff, good stuff, can't be bothered with long mask sessions. An oil before drying, and that's it. I am using the following, that I have mentioned before, multiple times. And it works for me.