As it frequently happens, I fell in love with this in Paris. The object of my desires was not the juice itself- no, I knew immediately that it was mutual when I laid my eyes on the frosted clear bottle with a familiar name, one I know and love.

Soleil Blanc has been, ever since I met it, a loyal companion. My default beautiful Summer even. It's sweetened enough, and unlikely enough, for me to adopt it. I call it a vanilla and wont listen to anyone that says otherwise. I have fond memories of me wearing it, memories of travels, of sunsets and mornings and nights, and it has continued to engage me.

A translucent take on it, as the bottle of this flanker would indicate, was welcome with open arms. I'm sure this spinoff is not necessary, since there was nothing the original didn't accomplish for me. This is just another option. A new inflexion, with the same vibe.

The opening is impressive as ever: A multicolor symphony of lemon, bergamot, seaside and creamy vanilla tropicals that drench you. It's a beach mood. A pretty confection, sweet but tangy with orange peel.

As it dries down it reminds me of the EDP a lot, possibly with a more jasmine. It reminds of Guerlain's Terracota, though Terracota is much heavier on the flowers, and personally too head-strong for me.

I was grateful for this introduction especially since I was left so deflated by Vanille Fatale. We're back on track with this one.

It's not easy to find a balmy Summer scent that isn't cloyingly sweet and cheap, or merely an excuse for the hip crowd to dump a ton of tree bark on you and call it ironically Summer. I can't think of any tropicals that aren't either atrocious, or a ploy to trick me to buy tuscan leather. 

Eau de Soleil Blanc is delightfully clear in its intentions, it is what it is and doesn't have contrasting accords competing for attention. I didn't read the notes until later, and I am glad because it would have clouded my judgment and made me get it impulsively. All my favourites are lined up, including bergamot, cardamome, orange peel, jasmine, tuberose, coco de mer accord, vanilla and tonka. It smells of all of these things. If Soleil Blanc was me, then this is me aswell.

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