BIKER BOD: Diet tips I use slim down and feel amazing


Because for me, 80% is diet and habits are everything. Some routines I introduce:

1. Make salads

They're super simple, fast, can be prepared ahead of time and with the right ingredients are very substantial.

One tip for making a salad is: Add one strong flavour: That could be parmesan shavings, or feta cheese, anchovies, serrano ham, one thing that will explode in your mouth, and add very little quantity of it. Keep the rest fairly green and low cal.

For inspirations on salads I really recommend the book Three Good Things, it's dishes that are all made with three things chucked together. For me, it's important that meals can be made fast because if I'm hungry, I'm gonna eat.

This instagram account is great inspiration @foodminimalist


2. Don't shop for anything you're not okay to binge-eat

Better safe than sorry. Stock on berries and don't get granola. Just don't shop for anything that you can't eat all in one sitting without ruining your life.


3. Stop eating by 9

Or earlier if you go to sleep before midnight. It's one of the hardest things for me, especially when my schedule extends past 1am, but you're doing yourself a disservice if you don't have a cut off time. This in itself really helps slim down massively.

Interestingly, the more I eat, the harder it is to stop. So binging and stopping like many people are doing nowadays really doesn't work for me. 

4. Become accountable

Write everything down. I use MyFitnessPal to keep a food diary (follow me, dianaanastasia). Anything you pick up, you gotta write it down.  It's incredibly helpful!! Plus, we can do it together :) Keep your diary public and we can all suffer in community and then enjoy the benefits of being hot 

5. Have a drink

Treat everything you prepare as "a drink" because it will feel more satisfying that way. Even if it's just water, prepare "a drink" with slices of orange, lemon, lime. It's more entertaining. Get yourself beautiful tumblers and glass straws in multicolours. Use store-bought ICE!



6. Black Iced Coffee

If you're a coffee fan and go through multiple lattes like me, start to make some iced black coffee with honey and cinammon. Switch to that half of the time.


7. Take a bottle of water with you

Everywhere when you go out. I'm more motivated by small bottles of Evian but refillables can be fun too.

8. Discover soups

Find great organic options, they're a perfect light meal or starter. I never have just a soup, I can't do that, but it gives me the energy to make the rest of the meal light also. Gets me in a good mindset. I like green pea, tomato, carrot, chicken broth. Lots of health food stores have homemade ones that are good.

9. Alcohol and caffeine

Personally, alcohol is my drug of choice and I get through a hard day easier with a glass of white wine. It has helped tremendously to limit snacking. So while it's not the best thing for you, neither is a large sugary snack.

10. Put on shorts and get out

As Summer comes around, wearing less clothing is a huge motivating force for me to get my act together. Show your skin, let it get some wind, sun, expose it to the elements. It will make it look so much firmer and better. Getting out, running, biking, being in touch with nature makes me more likely to move my body. (You've heard my adventures on biking. )


I hope this was useful! Let me know what stage you're at and how you get on. And see you on MyFitnessPal if you want to keep a journal with me x