The Second Sex and Gender Difference: A Bullet Point summary


If I had to summarize the conversation of gender dynamics, given the arguments of Simone de Beauvoir, I would say this:

Instead of fixating on superficial effects: complaints, claims, differences in treatment...I am more willing to look at the reasoning behind behaviours and patterns.

In today's society, both women and men are in conflict with themselves. This is the beginning of everything.

Women have been serving men for a really long time. They have been the inferior sex, the oppressed, and men have acted as the oppressors.

However in the case of humans, the situation is unique because oppressed and oppresor are also accomplices, and need and want each other. This leads to consistently confusing, contradictory behaviours and reactions. It creates a singular dynamic.

We currently live in a society that has been built and designed by men, the superior group, to their specifications. To respond to their needs. It has brought with it a set of habits and values that have become laws and principles. You cannot describe women accurately or understand their temperament until this fact is assimilated, because it conditions everything.

A liberation of women would be beneficial to both genders, since men are also trapped in their role (of superior, of ultimately responsible, of the "alpha male") and they suffer just as much for it.

Neither gender has the courage to concretely assume this liberation. To actually put into practice what this liberation would mean.

For women, it would mean to lose the privileges they are used to: The support they get from men (financial, responsibilities, justification for themselves, protection). The privilege of being irresponsible, self-centered and infinitely narcissistic, to enjoy a god-like description by default.

For men, it would mean to give up the privileges they enjoy as superior beings. The power and ultimate control. The servitude of women, that like love, is unconditional and always available (for the right price). Females provide not only a sexual release for men, but a motherly support that is absolutely necessary. The consistent availability of this could be lost.

The truth is that neither of us knows with exactitude how the shift will affect us. How liberation would manifest, is a question mark. And we are both cowards, and we know as much, of each other. We would be giving up the definition of ourselves, of the role we have been assigned and that for better or worse we feel attached to, for an intangible "change".  It almost feels like we'd be suffering from a loss of consciousness, a loss of self. The prospect is terrifying.

But the change is happening anyway, because you can't stop change. 

One thing is clear, and that is that the only way we're all gonna get through this, is through collaboration.