What I'm wearing this May: Favourites, totems


May has been sweet as candy. It seems like in a matter of hours, we've quickly descended into Summer.

My outfits du jour can be summarised as follows:

- Obsessed with linen. Always have, but I couldn't leave behind a shirt in this color blue when I spotted it. What is it even? A cross between turquoise and cerulean? A sunny cyan? I don't know but I like it. It evokes sticky nights and fresh mornings in Capri, or some other haven I've never been to

- It's marked the return of the glossy lacquer for me. I had a brief fling with these circa 2015 perhaps, it never went too far, but it's back. These are fab. This time around I have gone for pink. I'm embracing my fantastic Barbie girl made of plastic

- Shorts. They also left for a little while. I don't know if they should be back. But they're back. I feel powerless towards shorts, I don't even intend to put them on. They just are. When they are not it's somewhat of a mutilation. I've been wearing my classic J Brands from eons ago. I feel kinda smug that I still fit into them.

- Glasses. I've been so classic and boring. I love these o Malley. I'll never leave them. They're perfect. I don't remember spending so much on them. I was probably under some high

- Mules, another Barbarella classic. There's quite a fair selection in Nordstrom, check it out, a lot of stuff worth looking at. Mine are from Saira, a boutique brand from London. They have a shop in Shoreditch, I think bang on the high street. I chanced upon them and they have served me well. I even wore them to the beach. Nothing is more subliminally obscene than exposing your ankles. Expose anything else and it becomes comedic.

- Black trench. I carry it everywhere I go. It's often just a chaperone without much duty to perform. But it makes me feel safe. And when I do put it on in the evenings, it looks very chic.

- Clogs. For one reason or another I always end up in clogs.

Recently I have been loving some styles from Swedish Hasbeens. Check them out, but a word of caution because their styles are so hit or miss. I ordered about 90% of their collection and tried it on, returning almost everything. Some I couldn't even pour my feet into. Some have become my daily favourites. These favourites include the Gullan and the velcro slip in. As a general rule, choose the ones that their website "describes as suitable for a wide foot". The others are stupidly shaped, for me at least.

- My Gabrielle bag. So head over heels with her still. If you haven't watched my last What's in My Bag, it's here, and it features her. I've really enjoyed not carrying much of anything.