BIKER BOD: Five tips I use to kick my ass into gear

1. Get out to exercise


I used to do it all at home, but I find it so much more motivating if I go somewhere to exercise, it feels more like a training, like a mission and like an achievement. I look forward to putting on my new lovely fitness outfits and as a reward I can get a coffee after. I make it into an outing.

2. Schedule it

Whether you do it at home or away, prioritise it and make it ritualistic. If you're at home, the best thing you can do is leave the phone outside of the room and make yourself a drink - preferably non alcoholic but hey, not judging.

3. Listen to your instinct

This might be mildly contradictory with the previous point but it really helps me. Once you are exercising everyday, there will be moments where you feel the rush to move. Do it then. Grab that moment, because it's going to be the easiest and the most productive. Rush to a class, or setup at home, right there and then. Sometimes I have other things in my head at my scheduled time, and I know I'm not going to make the most of it. So leave it for later. No big deal to reschedule.

4. Make it intellectual

I really like to do stretching at home while listening to a podcast that I've been saving, or a documentary that I am really interested in and I just never find the right time to listen to it. It will depend on you whether you can multitask to that extent but I can, and it helps me get motivated to get down there.

5. Dress up

Like I've said at the beginning, dressing up makes a massive difference to me, and if you are a regular reader, you can probably relate. Never underestimate the power of appearances. If you look serious about you're about to do, and already hot, the chances of becoming serious and hot rocket. Keep tuned and I'll keep you posted with all my favourite outfits. I wrote a post of some recent acquisitions here: Great Activewear Moments.


My lingerie set is my intimissim, it has a huge pushup but it's super comfortable, I love it. I like this brand a lot specifically for their huge push up option.

Other pink sets to consider...because pink is the color of happiness