Surratt - An initial review


How to best describe this brand? It could easily be perceived as a New York take on Shu Uemura, but somehow they feel slightly more exquisite and personal. You can tell that a lot of thought has gone into the details, and all the products are very user friendly. The packaging is minimal but adequate (for slotting into palettes, anyway) and it doesn't interfere. 

Colour-wise I find it quite particular, like a desaturated beach scene in Japan. Natural, duller bleached colours, with dreamy vinyl sparkle, next to pearly brights. It's a modern palette.


And this is what attracted me to it. 

Even though it's not ideal to compromise on what you get because 50% of it is out of stock, in this case I was ready to try new things, including new colours that I wouldn't usually wear. And it's one of those brands where you can't go far wrong. I ventured into uncharted territory with a lot of these, but it feels good.

Watch the video to see me introduce and apply what I got:

To put it in writing: I'm really happy with everything, it just works. The brown I chose is super flattering, the mid-town is great for a day time smoky halo eye, the pink candy blush was an obvious indulgence but it's really sweet, and even the starry violet lipgloss has its space in my life.

I've been using his petite brush for everything. Which is flimsy, but does the job, and comes housed in its own little case which is super elegant




Let me know if there's anything else I should try! My wishlist is extense, and includes ZibelineGrisella and Starr!