Great Activewear Moments


I thought it was about time to illuminate you with some photos of me in tights. Because we all know that the first and most important step to become your desired persona, is dressing for it.

This is a turning point for me because I've unexpectedly gone from only wanting to wear "real" ballerina clothes (black leggings, worn out shirts, urban NY style), to seeking all these prim and proper cherry blossom shades and matching sets in creams, bones, pastels, florals, that are more reminiscent of Gigi Hadid coming out of a Jamba Juice (that, I am aware of. But I still walk with my head up, confident in my choices).

Light shades of activewear look so elegant, tender, presentable. I feel gorgeous in them, like I'm wearing proper clothes, because they're so beautiful. 

It makes me feel like the physical activity I do is part of my life, as opposed to some sort of forced labour that I endure, punished by wearing dull clothing. It makes everything more enjoyable, more fun, like it counts. Let's face it, for any important job where I have to perform, I dress properly, respectfully, attractively. So I have to remind myself that physical activity should be no different. I'm not letting go lounging around the house. I am doing something of importance, so I should dress for it.


I have in fact used photos of me relaxing on my couch to illustrate this series, but I don't have an in-house photographer that can stalk me during Pilates, so here we are. Me, in activewear, in a still moment.


This first set is by a brand called Varley, which I was aware of, but had never tried. This one got my attention because the fabric is the softest, stretchy, thick, dreamy, wildfox-soft cloud. I love the fact that it's a set. I've worn it separately and together, and I enthusiastically recommend it. Sets look very put together, like a uniform, which also makes me feel more serious about what I'm doing. I feel like a creature from outer space on a mission.

This second set (below) is made of a firmer, more nylon-esque fabric that feels a bit stronger, and is by a brand called Lurv. I've consistently loved their leggings so it was a no-brainer to order this one. It's different to the other so it will fit a different mood. I like wearing this when I know I'm doing something a bit more difficult. I feel like this fabric will take more of a beating.

I wear an XS in both, although I know the Varley one comes in an XXS aswell so if you have super skinny legs, that's good news.