Female Energy and Tantric Transformation


I’ve spoken a bit about masculinity and feminity, and how female energy is necessary to our wellbeing. 

Well, today I want to go into female energy in more depth. To explain what female energy is, in essence, in the grand scheme of things.


My definition of female energy is that of the Buddhist teachings of Tantra- I consider their perspective to be the closest to the truth, and one of the easiest to understand. It is a little abstract but that’s unavoidable: After all, energy is not visible or tangible. I’ll do my best to put it in plain wording. Please don’t desist! This is such an interesting topic.




The environment we live in nowadays is dark and polluted. It’s criminal to our health to be in the city, and we feel that we need nature, we need space. Well, I believe that our outer environment is a direct reflection of our inner world. A mirror, a matrix, call it what you want, our mind creates it. The cause of the problem is that our inner environments are polluted, and are reflecting this decaying world. Our energies are corrupted. And a big contributor to this, is the excess of male energy in our society.

Male energy has a lot of positive qualities, and it has brought us great technological progress. But excessive male energy brings with it aggression, competitiveness, the desire to conquer the environment and other cultures, and war: Never ending war. Most of the wars and weapons that have led to mass destruction have been created by men. Women do not care about conquering that much, we have other priorities. But up until now, we have collectively held the wrong view that we have to take care of our societies, homes and families by force. That safety can be reached through fighting.

Seeing the world from the prism of pure male energy has led to increasingly destructive weapons. Most of these destructive technologies that harm our environment have been created by men. It’s evident, by the way things are going, that using predominantly male energy isn’t working. We have become angry, proud, materialistic, agitated. And as a result, so is our climate.

At some point soon, we need to get in touch with the positive qualities of our female energies, that have been suppressed, to make peace with our environment, so we can continue to progress.

A practical example: Remember what I mentioned about all-female communities (all-female homes, all- female flatshares) being drastically better than all-male ones? It’s because it’s female energy that makes the home, it’s our priority, our instinct, we are drawn to take care and create comfort and good living conditions. Female energy is needed for optimal living conditions.


What is female energy exactly?

Female is the energy of peace and intuitive wisdom. Women’s energy works mainly through feelings and sensations. We are more attuned to spiritual energy and traditional wisdom, therefore most suitable to take care of our environment. We have a stronger natural feeling to do so. 

The woman is also the mother, our instinct is to nurture, and to put the wellness of our children before our own. This motherly female energy is what takes care of us, and enables us to grow. A mother will always care, even when we’re old enough, and will be concerned about our diet and endeavours and happiness, in an absolutely selfless way, indefinitely.



This is one of the most vital assets of women. Women have the possibility to nurture life and give birth because we have the quality of peace. And peace means essentially space: The space of emptiness. It’s an abstract concept, but it basically refers to the fact that the universe is infinite, we are a universe within a universe. Everything can be created with space, and nothing can exist without it. Well, space is a quality of female energy.

Space is peace, relaxation. We don't feel at peace nowadays because we don't feel space. We see ourselves as solid beings, and we feel crowded. We search for space and go away, to nature, seeking solitude and silence. But that is only "relative space". If we could get in touch with the space inside of us, that would immediately makes us feel at peace. The reason why don't feel this space inside of us, is because we are out of touch with our female energies. Developing our female energies is urgent for creation and for peace.


Male energy gives us method and energy to act, and female energy gives us peace (space) and intuitive wisdom. We need a combination of both to work effectively.

That established, you will understand why I think it is a mistake to teach « feminism » or equality from the male point of view of competition, by force. Fighting to  impose male-energy traits on females. There is so much wrong with this, I don't even know how to respond.

This is the premise to all my conversations of men and women, the starting point, the inner workings. I will be more pragmatic in the coming articles, but this has to be said because I come across people everyday with zero understanding of male and female energies. Thanks for reading and keep tuned!


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