1973 to 2018: Denim jackets and what to wear with them


Every Spring I come back to my denim jackets, they are the perfect cover up for breezy mid-seasons in the city (and beyond), and go equally well with floaty dresses, evening gowns, jeans or bikinis. Light jackets, sweaters, ponchos... are my cover ups of choice, I only wish I could wear this year-round.

I have been in love with my Rag & Bone denim jacket for years. It is the perfect colour of bleached blue, soft and cosy.

This is a similar style, and you can't go wrong with Levi's, I think their denim jacket is the ultimate classic. 

In the same tone, this Kut from the Kloth one is dreamy.


And always want a salmony pink one every year no matter how much I try to resist. I wanted a leather one too, but the feeling passed. (Thanks goodness. Leather jackets have been one of my most vicious monetary bloodsuckers and they now all rest in a rail). This is another good option if you want to hop into the frayed edge trend which is everywhere. Pink is more of a fashion piece of course, but if you're already all set with plenty of blue, why not drink to Barbie


Now for the big question, what to wear with it? As I said, it goes with everything, but be aware of volumes. I generally like a cropped jacket (that is, anything that doesn't cover your bum) with straight jeans, wide leg bottoms, or midi dresses. If you are a short girl (ie. fun size like me), keep the bottoms always high waisted and the jacket cropped, for perfect proportions that give you maximum gazelle length. I should follow my advice sometime!

Jeggings or super skinny jeans look better with longer jackets, so if that's what you wear, get an oversized one

I'm loving combination outfits this year. The midi jumpsuit is super cool with a short jacket. Also a fan of this watercolor diaphanous fabric.  For straight cool-girl jeans, all of her jeans are super cool. And I love this style of button-up midi skirt, just with a basic long sleeved top. Or a pencil like this one too.