A mid Spring day's dream


When the day of my late March trip to Ibiza arrived, I was most excited by my fluttery dresses. I acquired the one above during my visit to Valencia at Uterqüe, a brand that I really like. Unfortunately it is not available in the US, but you guys have so many brands that are similar, I've had a browse at US friendly websites for your perusal.


This is my preferred combo of the moment: a long, side-slit dress that shimmies as you walk. Tights or no tights (weather dependant) but if I do do tights, I have no shame in wearing skin-color opaque ones (thick, too), the ultimate taboo, and my favourite. 

I love wearing ballet pumps with this, or block heel mules. Mine are & Other Stories but I'll give you other options below. Mine are actually leather like these, which makes them more comfortable than the suede. I've spent hours looking through dresses and mules..hope it gives you a starting point! Let me know what you think and what are your favourites x



The Venal Muse

Muse of my heart, you who love palaces, 
When January frees his north winds, will you have, 
During the black ennui of snowy evenings, 
An ember to warm your two feet blue with cold?

Will you bring the warmth back to your mottled shoulders, 
With the nocturnal beams that pass through the shutters? 
Knowing that your purse is as dry as your palate, 
Will you harvest the gold of the blue, vaulted sky?

To earn your daily bread you are obliged
To swing the censer like an altar boy,
And to sing Te Deums in which you don't believe,

Or, hungry mountebank, to put up for sale your charm, 
Your laughter wet with tears which people do not see, 
To make the vulgar herd shake with laughter.

— William Aggeler, The Flowers of Evil (Fresno, CA: Academy Library Guild, 1954)

La Muse vénale

Ô muse de mon coeur, amante des palais,
Auras-tu, quand Janvier lâchera ses Borées,
Durant les noirs ennuis des neigeuses soirées,
Un tison pour chauffer tes deux pieds violets?

Ranimeras-tu donc tes épaules marbrées
Aux nocturnes rayons qui percent les volets?
Sentant ta bourse à sec autant que ton palais
Récolteras-tu l'or des voûtes azurées?

II te faut, pour gagner ton pain de chaque soir,
Comme un enfant de choeur, jouer de l'encensoir,
Chanter des Te Deum auxquels tu ne crois guère,

Ou, saltimbanque à jeun, étaler tes appas
Et ton rire trempé de pleurs qu'on ne voit pas,
Pour faire épanouir la rate du vulgaire.

— Charles Baudelaire

Bikini by Seafolly

Bikini by Seafolly