Welcome to Winter

Why won't it snow in December when it's appropriate? Here I am, getting ready to go pickup some wooden mules I ordered for the weather I want, and outside as a contrast- the weather I've got: A ferocious army of snowflakes marching into the yard.


Nevertheless, snow makes me quite happy. Plus its reflective qualities are briliant for a photo op.


My tip of the day for Winter hair is to leave it natural. I airdry it, and then I forget about it, since it's wrangled up in my hood and my scarf anyway, and often gets wet, a blowdry doesn't last two seconds


In cold weather conditions, I'm really enjoying all of these essentials:

- A parka. I couldn't live without my Woolrich Parka, it needs to be a heavy duty one and this one is perfect. Worth mentioning Yves Salomon (EU here) and Mr and Mrs Italy aswell for quality parkas (US LINK). For a little less price, can't go wrong with The North Face or

If you live in California or anywhere else where it's technically Winter but technically not that cold, do me a favour and wear a leather jacket like this one. I'll live vicarously through you.


- A scarf and gloves. I keep thinking I don't need them but when I wear them it makes all the difference.

- My Vagabond boots are a staple always. They seem to be fine even when I soak them, and they look good with everything. Stuart Weitzman over the knees are a close second whenever it's not pouring down (they currently have an amazing sale)

- I've been drawn to coral on my face during the cold. I feel like it brightens everything up. Corals and pinks. I'm wearing this lipstick in the shade Too Bad I'm Bad.  


- Today I am wearing my Chinti & Parker rainbow sweater and it's the sweetest thing to wear when it's grey out. When in doubt, go pink


I found a good way of dealing with the cold is sneaking in for a pisco sour with my flatmate after yoga


Finally, celebrate Winter by ordering yourself a bouquet of blue iris, like I did.