Ode to Chanel's Verde Pastello


 If you were as obsessed by Nouvelle Vague as I was, you will love Chanel’s Verde Pastello. It’s a perfect creme dirty tuquoise that dries in record time. Unlike Nouvelle Vague, a habit that I bought in multiples and now find unusable. I wore it last month and realised that the formula feels very outdated- hence this update. I can’t remember the days that I used to be careful not to scuff my wet nails for three hours, but they are long gone!

I am over the moon with Vert Pastello.

I’ve been thinking about what makes a colour so special and so flattering. I’ve noticed that fashion houses and more expensive brands in general tend to come up with dirtier hues of the same colours, in fashion too, and they are so much more fitting. I have to remind myself that colours that you put on your skin have to be complementary to your skintone. After all, how we see colour is all about contrast, a hue is defined by what we see it up against. And skintone is dirtier than white paper, for need of a better word. So a colour must always be dulled a little to be appropriate and complementary, and not look stuck-on. A blue that looks blue on white paper, looks like it’s photoshopped in when you put it next to your skin. Colours need this dash of “skin” hue, a sort of grey and a lot more warmth than we think, for them to work on your skin.

Brands like Chanel and Deborah Lippmann are exceptional at coming out with the best colours, colours that are in harmony with your body. To me, it makes all the difference.

A few of my favourites from Lippmann, like this dirty pastels set: 


UK Links here:


I'd get a set from her because it's smaller and you never use them all anyway, and all her colours are amazing. 


Buy Verde Pastello in the USA here




Buy Verde Pastello in the UK here



Buy Verde Pastello in the USA here