Return of the hot rollers


Years ago, I wrote and illustrated a post about about hot rollers. It was one of my first, and always the most popular. I took out my curlers from hiding the other day, and I am still using the same ones I used back then. I thought I should take some photos, and praise again the qualities of the good old hair roller.

I'm using my old Conair travel set (which did come along with me in a few trips), although there are better looking ones around now. Even at lower prices. I wouldn't bother getting a set with small rollers, I never use them. Get large or jumbo. 

I simply air dry the hair, it doesn't matter that it doesn't look perfect. And then pop in the hot rollers until they cool (about 20 min to be realistic. I usually do it in the morning) and spray a little something. After that, I will run some oil through the ends (like the Kevin Murphy Young Again, Moroccan Oil or Living Proof Nourishing oil) and spray a little Prep Spray or Dry Oil (obsessed). On the third day, Oribe texturiser revitalises it to perfection.

Et voila!


Using hot rollers is such an easy way to get some va va boom into your daily hair routine without really much effort. 

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