Mild Winter: What to wear to keep yourself happy


It’s my pleasure to show you this fine morning, the sartorial landscape of a Mild Winter. What is a mild winter, you may ask? I found out, when I got to Ibiza in January, that my northern winter closet had to be adapted slightly in favour of something lighter and more cheerful. A blur between Summer and Autumn. 


A mild winter isn’t as cold, and it is often sunny, which accounts for most of the sunnier options I’ll be showing you. It an get windy so you want to be prepared, but when the scorching sun hits the midday, you will probably be okay showing more skin than you anticipated for the temperature prevision. It is a happy Winter, and there are ways to bring this attitude into your own, even if it isn’t as mild. 

Even on the coldest day, if the sun is out you can throw caution to the wind and interject the dreary black wool with a chance of florals. If you think about it, all it comes down to, all that separates September from January are a few layers. Count on me to debunk some myths. Because the truth is:

  • Sandals are fine unless it’s raining, always. Wear with jeans. Or with tights if you must
  • Cotton is nicer on the skin, and just (almost?) as warm as wool. I have been wearing more cotton than you would imagine this Winter, and it’s been absolutely fine
  • Gloves and hats are pretty accessories whatever the weather
  • A few layers and a thick sweater takes the role of a coat

To illustrate this article, I’ve taken some photos of one of my favourite ensembles. 


The Courreges sweater that I prized myself with last Summer has seen me through several seasons. It is 100% cashmere and has a wide rib texture (a favourite). It’s fitted, goes with absolutely anything, and always gets me into character. I can’t think of a better top than a cream mock neck.

The jeans have a story of their own: I came across this Mimi pair (echoing Mimi Farina) last year and fell in love but did not « need » them. It turns out, it had already been decided they would belong to me back then. I stalked them, and watched as they never depreciated. I followed them, and they sold out. I found them on sale nine months later in Australia and had them shipped all the way over. It was worth it. I know they will remain a firm contender of the denim game. Original denim never dies.


The gommini shoes in nude have proven to be one of the most practical in my wardrobe. They are, principally, shoes you can walk in, and if you’re familiar with traditional moccasin styles such as the ones that Kate Moss promoted all those years back, they feel like that. They are the most comfortable, it almost feels wrong. Like barefoot but better- like having a pair of angels wearing italian nappa leather gloves craddling your feet. 

They are excellent to drive in because you feel everything, and as a novice/new driver I can confirm I prefer this to anything else. I will keep ones in the car to switch to. 

They go with most things, from dresses to jeans, if only you don’t object to the bohemian flare they bring. For some moods, structured loafers are better.

Their con? The leather sole is impractical in colder, wetter or indecisive weather. London often makes them unwelcome in its angry grey landscape. Get them rained on once and forget about it. I have a pair that I ruined and I continue to wear specifically for this purpose, but they look quite tired.

To expand, look out for my full extended Mild Winter runway film, soon on Youtube, where I show you pretty much everything I crammed into my suitcase to spend the New Year in Spain.