Hair 2017

I have put together this little brochure about my hair and the products I've been liking and I want to recommend.


I have been using most of what I'm using for an age, I very rarely delve into new hair products because I have other more pressing interests. So these are very true tried and tested things that work for me and I can recommend.

A note on my hair: It looks really sad right now because my colour is natural and it hasn't gotten sun love for months...It needs a beach break! The texture is also natural at the moment, in all its thin and frizzy goodness. I stopped getting brazilian blowdries about 1.5 years ago. It's definitely annoying and fly away, but on the other hand, I love how easy I can curl it. I missed that.

I cut it exactly every 3 months to keep this length.

In the photos above I have it curled loosely the day before with a medium curling iron, using just medium heat. I have used some oil, and some Prep Spray.

I use a Parlux hairdryer (UK), I have one in every house, here, in Valencia and in Ibiza, and I heartily recommend them! (although of course in my wet dreams I use a Dyson)

Products I use:

- Kerastase hair oil. I use this right after I towel dry my hair, and let it dry. There are a lot of good hair oils out there. This is just the one I have. They last for years and years
- Kerastase sulphate free shampoo. I have been using sulphate free shampoos from Kerastase for a while, it seems like every week they have a new one out. My current one is the Discipline. All of them have been good. I have nothing bad to say about them, they just work, and they don't give you problems like many other shampoos do. They don't dry out, they don't build up, they don't oil up..Your hair feels fine, and that's what I want, no drama, no more, no less.
- L'oreal Intense Repair mask is that I've been using as conditioner for the past twenty years and it is the best, makes the hair feel strong and soft and elastic.
- Denmans Paddle brush (I've heard the Aveda is even better). I blowdry with this paddle brush, and I try to blowdry upside down for maximum height.
- Mason Pearson brush for a nice scalp massage every once in a while. I wouldn't dream to use this as a regular hairbrush, but for distributing the oil they are the best. I usually use it at night, since it makes your hair look a bit 70s.
- Bumble & Bumble Styling Lotion (UK HERE), Surf Spray and Prep Spray are my favourite lotions and potions in the world. I couldn't tell you the difference between Styling Lotion and Prep spray. They magically make the hair nicer and piecier and nice smelling without adding any stickiness or weight. They are addictive. As for the Surf Spray, it's a classic, it's a feel good product for texture. I like to keep it as natural as possible and these feel minimal and good.
- Oribe Thick Dry Finishing Spray is my favourite thing for those special days or in between days to add some oomph. (UK HERE) They also make travel size which is awesome
- Redken Velvet Gelatine 07 (UK HERE). I never thought I'd use a blowdry gel because I have a phobia for anything sticky, but this is actually not tacky at all and coats the hair and gives it thickness. It's quite good, even for both os us that don't like using products.


I like products that give my hair texture while being super light and absolutely non sticky: all of these are amazing for this purpose.

Hope this gave you some good recs or inspiration! x