Lash Perm + Tint. My Experience and Review

Photo of the treatment straight after

Photo of the treatment straight after

On Wednesday I trotted along to get my eyelashes tinted and curled. So far I have only ever had my lashes tinted once at a salon, and it was such a bad experience I never returned and ran to get a home kit. The home kit is not much better though because this treatment requires you to work on your eyes lying down- something that is quite tricky to do with your eyes closed sitting upright.

It took me almost a year to give it another go, and I only consented because my mom raved about this therapist, which is rare. She was indeed very good, and looked more like a nurse than a nail technician. Straight away it seemed like a cool place, with a nice cabin, heated bed and lots of equipment.


I'll be honest, the perm was a lot of pulling. All in all, I had something stuck to my eyes pulling them away for about an hour. In the end, they don't look any different. If you have straight, downward facing lashes, then I can see how this would be useful, but my lashes are naturally lifted and with this shape from using Talika. I am not sure it's worth the time/suffering/damage to your lashes. It even left a kink at the end of my lashes which is not usually there.

That said, I absolutely love the tint, she did a fantastic job. It was not uncomfortable in the least, she was constantly prepping my eyes and soothing them with seawater pads, protecting them. Every lash was coated in tint, up to the root which is quite hard to get into. It's perfection, I'm super pleased with it. I will definitely be coming back for the tint only.

Some photos the day after...

How to get it done?

I would recommend a salon. If you're clueless, maybe start looking at Treatwell cause they have offers, a good search engine with lots of reviews. Make sure you look at the reviews, you wanna go to a place that's more derm-like than nailbar-like, since this is a delicate treatment where you have to be meticulous and a derm does it better. I wouldn't trust my eyes to just anybody, remember these products are not safe-safe for eyes. They're safe, as long as they don't go into your eye! Watch out for cheap treatments.

Feel free to share your experiences x