Blue Cadette - Adventures of Barbarella for Max Mara

Ibiza last week was optimistic but increasingly chilly. It is here where my cadet blue coat makes an entrance: I love wearing it in a Summery Winter. Keeps you fuzzy and makes you feel all Hawaiian inside at the same time.

My coat is Max Mara, and my sunglasses Tom Ford. I am wearing flip flops because I have to draw the line of sanity somewhere.

If you're wondering, my lilac unicorn Chanel is not so user-friendly, no. It's kind of like dangling a pretty canteen without a lid from your shoulder. So if you're thinking about one of these Gabrielle backpacks I would say apply restraint unless you have an assistant to actually carry your real handbag. I tend to carry it in my hand like a baby, but I do wonder if people question my priorities when my bag walks into the room before me.

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