The blue Max Mara robe in "How to be a Barbie girl"

It comes so naturally to me, I almost can't resist.

Credits to Max Mara who are unknowingly making me feel like one of their sponsors. I can't stop talking about this coat on social media (and neither should I). Sadly this was a runway piece that I snatched on Ebay thanks to my fairy godmother. Console yourselves by knowing it is quite thick, has a cocoon shape which makes it less than ideal to walk in, and the blue color is after all not all-versatile.

Links to more wearable contenders below (did I mention it's Black Friday and it's all on sale begging to be added to our shopping bags?)

Bag is Chanel, sandals are my favourite (also on sale now) by Swedish Hasbeens, and laptop sleeve by Skinny Dip