DEMYSTIFYING: Female ejaculation (Explicit language)

Female orgasm is one of my favourite things to talk about. Its endless possibilities. I will come back to it, but today my mind is occupied by the brightest sun of all, our Messiah: Female ejaculation. I want to keep the mystery, and yet I want to tell you everything.


When on the subject of female ejaculation (hereon referred to as "FE"), I feel like one takes a political stance. There's the detractors, the agnostics, those who would have preferred I never brought it up at all. There's the believers, the boasters and the pornstars. 

I never did become a pornstar, though I did earn the name Barbarella with outstanding merits. I form part of a small segment of the demographic, who is a disciple and an adventuress. For me sex is a muse and a practice, somewhat like Buddhism, and I take it to heart. I will defend good sex with my life; I want to know everything, do everything, and in my quest for knowledge, I've amassed the most striking unforgettable memories.

What prompted me to take the step of writing about this, was a Google search really. Seeing the disorientation that exists around FE. The fact that some conversations sound like a dialogue between men talking about tennis. The lack of validity given. It almost has a questionable rep, like we have made it up, and are hallucinating. Then the confusion amongst women, some claiming it just happened out of nowhere. I see FE being dismissed as urine, a frightening consensus on it coming from the urethra. (If you pee during sex, something else is happening to you, that I applaud, but that we must separate).

I see documents blaming the inconclusive scientific research on the fact that women don't ejaculate on command. I'm sorry! On behalf of all girls, that we don't just explode.

This is really not something that should happen upon all orgasm, I think. I think I would self combust.


I don't have all the answers, but I have questions, that I can't ask anybody because they know less than I do. One thing I do know is that it's not a myth, we did not invent it, we cannot have it with just anybody, and it is not like the male counterpart's, in the least. And I'd just want us all to feel positive about it. Not doubtful, and not under pressure.

So with that I leave you, to get on with your own.