How to proceed when you have a panic attack and you think you're gonna die

I come to you with a rather macabre scenario, this is something I indulge in quite regularly.

Step 1

Put on makeup. First and most important, if there is one thing you must do is be presentable. Think of the doctors, the family members, the photos...

Step 2
If you have time, change. Something warm and comfortable. Much like what you would wear on a long haul trip: a pashmina perhaps, a parka in case it's cold, nothing too fancy and definitely no heels because nobody will take you seriously and they will let you die.

Step 3
Text your loved ones. Do not say goodbye, but do casually throw in the phone number of your best friend/boyfriend and nearest hospital if they don't already have it

Step 4
Pack a bag with the essentials. Phone charger, kindle (in case the death extends like one of those horrible 24 hour labours), a banana for a potassium hit...

Step 5
Call doctor/uber

Happy travels!