Traveling solid. Beauty picks for going through TSA security drama free

In my recent travels, I've decided to travel with a cabin bag only. This makes the process substantially more agile. Now, I am not attached to my belongings and I can travel with very little, however the things I do need, are mostly liquids: vitamins, supplements and face stuff. It's frustrating having to put this all into the little plastic bag. 

During my problem-solving research I discovered that there are a few good solid versions of the things I like the most, and while it's not ideal and I wouldn't replace my stuff, this is a pretty good solution for travelling because you don't have to put any of these inside the clear bag. I also came across things that while technically liquid, could sneakily skip the TSA regulation (win-win).

If you wanna go the Tarzan route, I know a few people who just take Dr. Bronners Castille soap and call it a day (works for body, laundry, face, shampoo...) but that's a little too rough for me. I think my body would resent if i did that long term

Here are the things I took

- Lush Dirty "toothpaste" toothy tabs. I actually love these and have replaced my usual toothpaste with it. They can be addictive cause the baking soda whitens teath, but dose it because it can be too much for your enamel. Lush also makes solid shampoo and solid bath stuff that brightens up your day
- Salt of The Earth deodorant. This is also my regular deodorant and a lifechanging piece of equipment
- A solid hair serum, like this one from Kerastase
- Diptyque solid perfume is a beautiful luxury
- Vitamin capsules weigh next to nothing and are fantastic for taking with you, Together are made from wholefoods and have great absorption. If I do take a liquid vitamin in my precious 30cm bag space, I will choose a Solgar B12 sublingual. And that is because B12 is often not absorbed by the stomach (a high percentage of people don't absorb it, you can get it checked) so swallowing it is useless.


- Tony Moly face mask. Sheet masks and also wipes are not considered liquid so go crazy
- Lancome cushion blush and foundation is a liquid but cushion makeup is still under the radar for the TSA so you get away with it. Happy Days
- Nuxe lip balm
- Lip and eye pencils
- RMS everything. These are solid liquids and you can get everything from concealer, lips to blushes to shadows. I am a huge fan (information about this brand here)

Be careful with loose powders, since some airports have a penchant for confiscating them

HAPPY TRAVELS! what was the last place you went to? please share.