Stargirl Tan - Bondi Sands review + Makeup tutorial

In my quest for Bahama beach state of mind I bounced back into the self tanning train last week. I used Bondi Sands tan, as recommended by my sister who is the biggest proponent of all things Australian since moving to Brisbane last year.

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There's something about being brown that makes me very happy. It evokes for me a sweet nostalgia of retro poster girls, including of course the Bardot-inspired Barbarella, and the mythical Raquel Welch (Space Girl video underneath these lines).

On Bondi Sands: I used the Dark Foam and love it. It smells of course so get ready to put yourself into long sleeve sweats while it develops (they say you can wash it after 1 hour, or leave on for 6 for maximum depth). I do this in the evening and then take a bath before bed. I hate sleeping in the stuff. And I figured, if I’m gonna be taking an extra shower, I might as well make it a lavender bath and calm my nerves. It fades even, and doesn’t seem to be grabbing into the knuckles/knees. (See photos of my perfectly  tan hands) For my hands/feet I do mix it with almond oil or whatever I have lying around, but this might not be necessary anymore in these days of magical self tanners. Who knows. Who is brave enough to find out! 

On the face I also mix it with an oil and it’s turning out great and lasting for a surprisingly long time... Usually self tan leaves my hands and face in about two days. Also, I swear it's not staining my bedsheets/underwear like St. Tropez used to. We will see in a few weeks if that is still true.


Photo of the finished look

Photo of the finished look

In contrast to my high maintenance skintone situation, my makeup approach has been minimal, as demonstrated in this video I've produced. It's fairly quick, involved very little quantity of makeup, and gives a very natural result. 

In the video I've used mostly RMS which is a brand I've mentioned a couple of times before, it's probably my favourite alternative makeup brand. It was founded by Rose-Marie Swift, a rockstar turned makeup artist, and it's based on food-grade raw ingredients. It's my go-to when my skin is dry or acting up including my eyes, because you are literally just putting coconut oil on your face so it moisturises and doesn't interfere with anything.

Self tanner: Bondi Sands 
Nails are Deborah Lippmann On The Beach
My cascade pendant is by Maria Black
My Wolford body

You can get RMS here:
- Cultbeauty
- NetaPorter
- Sephora

- Tata Harper Lip & Cheek tint
Also available at Cult Beauty, Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf, Sephora...

- Absolution lipstick