The return of the tracksuit

With all this talk about pyjamas, there is a variation of the theme that evaded me. Its athletic counterpart, the tracksuit, throw back to 2001 and now back in the centre of my mind. Because if you look around, it's almost 2001 again.

The main difference is the new fashion is high waisted, slightly 80s

Olivia Von Halle released "The Tracksuit" which has allegedly been a gazillion years in the making, and it looks pretty cool. Cream is the perfect colour

(c) Vogue

(c) Vogue

 I have a cashmere tracksuit  from M&S, that is a little more affordable:

If you want the throwback to be authentically kitsch, go for Juicy Couture. As I was writing this post, I googled the unmentionable and found an article in Vogue written today- so we are on the same page and it's happening.


I'll be the first to admit I wore them for everything. I had it -still have them somewhere- in bubblegum, grey, blueberry, violet and buttercup yellow. I was serious about my Juicy Couture.

3. Yogawear. I love my organic bamboo sets. I wear this one by Asquith all the time. Also Manuka is a favourite. I usually wear them around the house, for fitness or to pop out to the shops, but I'm getting more adventurous right now, I think done right it looks really cool

(c) Asquith London

(c) Asquith London


4. Forever a fan of the sunny retro style of Wildfox, I love their tracksuit options

(c) Wildfox SS17 Lookbook

(c) Wildfox SS17 Lookbook

How to wear



1. With leather ankle boots as opposed to trainers. I know, trainers are tempting. But they look better with skinny jeans. Tracksuit pants look better with leather boots. Or clunky sandals

2. With luxe jackets. parka, trench of a medium length..