Challenge Accepted: Running in Winter and what to wear FW 2016

Abney Park Cementery during my 6k run

Abney Park Cementery during my 6k run

1. Climaheat jacket from Adidas 
2. Padded overcoat jacket. This silver one
3. Wintersport leggings keep you warm and happy. I have them in powder pink and love them
4. Gloves. You think you don't need them but you do. You also need them to have finger print action for iphone etc. A girl has gotta be scrolling through maps and music
5. FLIPbelt is a new recommendation that I got from a friend, you can squeeze in your basics (money, phone, keys, energy bar..) so you can actually use your running time to run errands
6. Sometimes however you need to take a water bottle and beyond, and for that I give you the slim Stella backpack that's great for all the small things
7. Retro socks. I have been into longer and thinner socks for sports lately, they seem to be more comfortable
8. I have these exact sneakers and I love them. They're so light. I've spent years in ASICS but honestly..not that big of a deal
9. Headband game strong. Seriously though, you need something to cover your ears. And I choose a headband over a beret simply because then you can get some sun in your head which is preferable

Don't be afraid to scour discounted websites like Yoox where you can find pieces at great prices, like this Stella padded jacket

If you don't need quite the luxe of Stella, H&M has some good stuff although I haven't tried it myself