2015 Chronological Recap

2015 was perhaps the most intense year for me so far, full of personal development and I'm thankful and in awe of having gone through so much.

January - I get back together with my friend Gaetano and we collaborate in the twisted track "Paint", putting down the foundation for our EP collaboration. His studio partner Chris is insane, and an immense influence. We have a night that goes down in history. Meanwhile I'm looking for members for my band, and go through hundreds of auditions. Patrick visits from NY

February - I get back together with Ali and we play our first show as a band in Cafe 1001 along with Marcin, in our first show together. Ali abandons his guitar amp at mine in what will become the center of much drama.


March - I meet with Bruno Wizard and through him I meet Danae, editor at DNA magazine where she offers to run a cover story. We shoot the pictures on polaroid. 2 elements converge that will be basic for my artistic exploration: Polaroids and Fat White Family. My mom comes to visit and I find the infamous white wedding gown that is a vintage Dior in a little shop in Columbia Flower Market. I meet Nina from Rompclothing who makes me my signature green emerald rockstar dress

April - I get ready for my trip to LA and it is the best trip of my life, serendipity ensues. My friend Manuel is there, my friend Ali comes over at the same time, I get to ride a yellow convertible and road trip north and south. I get together with old friends like Jesse, am whisked around by art studio director Julio and meet Brad T. who takes a series of unforgettable photos, one of which will become the cover of my EP. Meanwhile at the studio I start producing my album with Gaetano.


May - I play my first full-length show The Library Members Club with the collaboration of ARTNAKED. My friend Ijah establishes himself as the main tour de force behind my live videos. I see Rodriguez live at the Royal Albert Hall with my friend and collaborator Guy. I meet Robert Audere and film our first video together, SAD. We soon meet up to film Disco Sour. I discover Fierce Grace Yoga thanks to Francesca's insistence and my body completely transforms


June - I throw a once in a lifetime birthday celebration in Ibiza with my closest friends. On the way back to London I go through Paris for my best childhood friend's bachelorette party, and the meeting with the girls is one of the sweetest


July - I discover Lounge bohemia, my go-to cocktail bar, amidst a complete personal breakdown.

August - Still in the eye of the storm I meet James who becomes something of a legend. I start going to music parties with Notting Hill Music and I make so many talented friends. I buy my YSL candy shoes that become my signature


September - I finish producing my album with Gaetano. I fly back to Valencia and meet with my longtime friend Alex whos my strong ally in a very very difficult time. I get published on DNA magazine yearly printed issue, called Girl Power and I am so flattered. It's a month of firsts: my first day out in Hampstead Heath, my first Sunday Roast. I shoot with glamour photographer RVDS who is unbelievably talented. I write Meet Me At The Cinema


October - I search for a flatmate and find the perfect companion, swedish extraordinaire Felix joins me in the flat. I get signed by a few companies for movie roles and start attending sets. My first time at Frieze. My first mad night in a hotel. I meet Duncan Ward at his movie premiere and we instantly click, and begin to collaborate in visual material together


November - Ready to jumpstart the band again for live shows, I meet Woody + Bruno and we become a pack. I start to work with Francesca and for the first time in my life have a part time job in an office. I meet Jojo, I launch my first Meetup and have a refreshing turn-up. I frequent the beautiful Lights of Soho, I meet Marc, I find that Johnny is actually the owner. I start my Day In The Life videos on Youtube


December - I go to a very special premiere of Alice in Wonderland and meet Russell Brand finally. I meet Jez after a long time and he offers me an exclusive residency at Sexy Fish, I get together with Marcin on piano, get back together with Peter and old friend pianist Michael G. My band is working hard in promotions. I go to the premiere of Star Wars. I produce the sexually charged video for Meet Me At The Cinema with Gaetano. I start looking for another flat with Felix

1 January - I publish "The Virgin EP" and "Bikini Beach Party" on iTunes (check them out!)

Here's to MORE TO COME