I get a lot of requests for cute yoga clothes, and I'll be honest, I do yoga at home, most of the time in my panties. That said, I like wearing yoga clothes to lounge about or when it's colder, and for that there are a couple of brands that are really good.

- Asquith - It has the softest cotton/stretch workout-wear, hoodies and drapey-type things, my favourite for yoga exercises or just lounging about. - Manuka (not to be confused with Manduka, the yoga mat brand) - same, very high quality, heavy comfortable soft fabrics - Stella McCartney - I like this because it's cool, but be careful to choose garments without seams/mesh panels/pockets/zippers in the wrong places because that's no fun for mat-work. I would say this brand is better for jogging or doing things standing up - Wellicious - Another one with good fabrics, soft, good-weight bamboo. I have this great magenta pink set from them, unfortunately they don't seem to make that color anymore. Sizing runs big - - has a good variety of brands with bamboo clothing.