dec4 yoga quote edge This is a quote my yoga teacher said today while we were doing a pretty intense bound stretch. It's so right, many people emphasize the importance of being "comfortable" in a posture, and it is true that you have to be able to breathe, yes, however, if you don't push yourself to the max you get nowhere. In exercise, you gotta push yourself like you wouldn't believe, until you're doing the things you didn't believe you could do. What I love about yoga is that it gives you enough time for your muscles to stretch, which few other exercises do other than maybe ballet warm-ups. And realistically you need that time, because you cannot stretch a muscle in 5 seconds. I mean, it will extend a little, but it won't change, it won't lengthen, and our muscles are so shortened from not moving/being sitting down, that we need them to lengthen, just to mantain them healthy.