lord byron Priceless quotes from the email I got last night:

Am I never to hear from you again? This and other questions, why does the Lotus bloom in brackish water? Why does pink signify an absence of taste? If I got up five minutes before you, who would finish first? 

Some debts are too big to repay. I prefer to feel indebtedness rather than in debt to you [funny thing to say when you owe someone 1000s+]

Fact is Diana, you played a fundamental part in me getting well. Do you realise what an achievement this is? In fact it is probably your biggest achievement in your adult life. [HAAAA!]

Also you know my opinion isn't motivated by wanting to sleep with you like most the guys you know. [you've already slept with me, remember?]

I hate to do it but I will admit I am very proud of you because more than anyone else here I know that you are neither as confidant or sane as you appear. [Bonus pretentious points for slipping in a word in semi-french]

I know too there's a lot more to you than a pretty face. I love conversing with you. Drugs place a veil between the drug user and the rest of the world [Yes. You loooove the veil]

Anyway, I miss you. I guess this is my loss. And it is a very big deal to me, not having you kicking about my life.


Letters in photo- Lord Byron of course