What I've learnt about boys (in progress) with the help of my 12 year old cousin

Men are twelve and so are women and we never change. Therefore and because I was never raised with male children, I am researching to understand what's going on in my relationships.

My little cousin is a great example of a handsome, confident alpha male. I have approached the subject in several situations and noted down his reactions.

The Phone
He wants to have one and he loves the games and texting but he doesn't like using it to talk. Subject is tense, forced, shy/moody, gets distracted. Doesn't want to talk about his day. Says bye.

Also, he consistently forgets to call me back when I ask him to. It makes me really upset but he doesn't give it any importance

Meet Ups
He doesn't respond to plan suggestions by myself, but then I'm told by his mom that he constantly asks her when she'll take him to see me. Hypothesis - He doesn't want me to know that he wants to see me. But why?? Mixed signals

Activities together
He invites me to go play video games in his room or watch tv. Appears uninterested in going to the park for a picnic

Physical Approach
Subject is hugely responsive in person, and is fascinated by my boobs (and those of other people) and tries to tap my bum. Super inappropriate out in public.

Sometimes in the middle of a conversation, he gets bored, stands up and leaves the room.

Holding Hands
Only if we're crossing the street

Demands I accompany him to the toilet when we're out. (Thankfully grown men don't do this)

I've never gotten anything from him. He doesn't know when my birthday is

He's quite happy to sleep at mine, and particularly interested in sleeping in my bed, preferably when my sister is there with us too

Never wants to kiss me hello or goodbye, and never in front of other people. I have to force him a kiss on the cheek. When obliged, seems happy enough...MIXED SIGNALS

Communication of emotions
When asked if he loves me, he says "of course not" and laughs

Favorite topics of conversation

Girls, models, sex, my boyfriends and how they all look gay, war, weapons, being a virgin or not (asks me if I'm a virgin CONSTANTLY), sports, mobile phones and mac computers

Surprise bragging
Randomly throws "I have the biggest willy in my class" into the conversation