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One of my favourite artists. I always compared him to Monet and Renoir but actually, I wasn't familiar with his more realist sombre work with all that Flemish influence. I'm glad I now am.

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It's remarkable how luminous and strong paintings look in real life versus a photo. I always forget this. It's just like a live concerto versus a cd, a film of a place versus visiting it, the difference is so dramatic, they're different things, which is why it's so essential to GO to see it, and such a privilege to be able to do so.

march25 manet


Another of my favourite artists though I cannot pronounce his name, it was magnificent! If you're in London you gotta go to see it. It's FUN. I am such a huge fan of comic illustration anyway, even without all his depth this would be beautiful to me.

I dare you to find a piece without any YELLOW in it...

mar26 engagement

Close-up of the dots..

mar26 engagement dots

"Tommy let's take a picture of us looking to the right!!"

hahaha. This is when we were told we couldn't take pictures of ourselves doing funny things with the art.

mar26 tate

The brass piece was incredible. His understanding of art deco is just beyond...

This is my favourite most iconic form the War and Romance and my Philip Lim bag reminds me very much of it which is why I got it.

I came back with a lot of goodies..postcards, thank you cards (if you buy anything from my shop you'll get one : ), prints, even a CUSHION with this girl on it. Overload.

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This was one of my favourites too, it's so serene.

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Motivational thought of the day...Stole this from Justina

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