WE MEET AGAIN (Quotes ie. script of the next Tarantino movie)

IMG 9170 warning - Strong language

(to be read under the influence of a bottle of cava)

R I couldn't find my keyhole so I thought...okay..I'll go round the block one more time

DIANA I don't know how you didn't get killed

R I was so naive, I didn't even realise anything could happen to me.

It's a survival mechanism

R It's nice to have different husbands because they compliment each other

DIANA I'd like a japanese boyfriend too

R I always thought, if I have kids from different men, I'd like one to be japanese. And we should also have a gorgeous arab son

DIANA really? an arab son?

R yes, trust me, they are really pretty


R I'm going to start my own country in the middle East

DIANA That's a bit of a stretch from the hut community

R I never said I wanted a hut community, you're the one with the huts!

R You wanna know why men like us? I'll be straight - because they think we have a tight p*ssy. That's it

And they are right

DIANA ha...

I can't argue with that


DIANA I love this shirt. Do I look like a vicar?

Will people confess to me?

march1 me4march1 me

DIANA They are hiding something. You know what we should do? Report them to the anti-terrorist hotline

R What is the anti-terrorist hotline?

march1 me2

DIANA I just wanna record everything you say

IMG 9168

DIANA I'm not sure I want a gorgeous arab son