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Today I'm testing these new concept Lycra Fusion tights that I got sent: I'll show you the process, it's really quite fun. You get some scissors and make holes in them like so:

dec21 lycra

OOPS, a hole!

The holes don't get any bigger than you make them, it's a special fabric.

And then you can wear a different color tight underneath if you like. I wore just nude tights underneath because I'm boring austere like that.

dec21 lycra2dec21 lycra3

Once you've achieved a plenty of grunge level, you may stop (if you can).

I'm also gonna make a monochrome mod pair next time with big round holes and white tights underneath. You can do it with colours too should you be so inclined.

Lycra are running a competition too if you wanna enter, details below:

Cutting Edge Style Competition

Show us your legs! To be in with a chance of winning a LYCRA®FUSION™
fibre hosiery gift box along with a £100 MyTights.com voucher, share an
image of yourself wearing your customised tights via one of the options
listed below. The designs will be pinned on the MyTights.com Cutting Edge
Pinterest board, and the winner will be selected by our panel of Style
bloggers. Closing date 31st Jan 2013

Pinterest: Upload and pin the image of yourself using #CuttingEdge
Post your image on: Facebook.com/MyTightsOnline
Twitter.com/MyTights #CuttingEdge
Email your image to: competitions@mytights.com

The shoes sales are amazing this year. Check out what I found at 70% off!  (Lanvin)

dec21 boots

I was like...oh I can't wait to wear this dress, maybe I'll wear it tonight! She asked me...are you going on a date? And I said. Sort of!

Haha! I've been telling everyone I was going on a date. It's NICE to have a date with you. We can dress up and go to a nice place.

Exactly. Let's have a toast. To an [EX BF NAME]-free 2013!

remember when I was giving you a massage and that creepo guy was on the phone with you?

Oh yea...Whats up with the lack of massages lately?