Versace for H&M: Shopping and a massive amount of pictures


I'm a huge Versace groupie, it's right up there in my Triad of the Fashion Gods (Dior, Yves Saint Laurent are the other two). I didn't give their collab with H&M any thought because we all know how this goes- it's not for people to actually buy it, it's for the brand to get some advertising, and for resellers to make a buck. I was well aware it was out today though, banners all over the place and my email/twitter flooded with announcements. So on my way out to where I was going, I stopped at my nearest shop hoping they might still have something available. It was 12.30pm. I had no expectations- I mean, people had been camping all night, and that's just not me. I like my shopping experiences to be enjoyable, I don't like begging or fighting for clothes. I find the whole concept very humiliating. Camping all night to then get a paper bracelet that allows you to shop for 15 minutes in whatever slot they assign to you?? what kind of sick joke in the name of consumerism is that?

So anyway I got there when I got there, and to my surprise there was stuff, the sales assistants were very helpful and plenty, and I found the best things, including a leather jacket that I hadn't seen before (really been out of the loop) but that I'm absolutely crazy about. I was very impressed.

I wanted to give you a little review, for the sake of discussion. I found the clothes to be surprisingly beautiful and good quality. The cut is closer to Versace than it is to high street, the materials are decent (silk for dresses and scarves, leather for jackets), and the patterns were surprisingly well captured on these pieces, so overall, a collection with a  lot of dignity. It's an interesting exercise to see what you can actually make at these prices, should any clever new designer decide to launch a stylish, cheap line- it would sell like pancakes (anyone…?). I enjoy Zara/h&m but let's face it, they produce rip-offs. I think it would be such a great idea for a designer to produce cheap, and actually come up with their own concepts.

Let's take a look at the stuff shall we? I did a typical Donatella makeup to illustrate the photos.

Picked this up first. I'm a sucker for scarves, there was no question I was choosing this color combo:




This was calling my name across the room (only one left, and it was my size= destiny) I immediately snatched it. Needs no description really, the leather is buttery soft and smells like designer leather. Amazing coat.



Yes I have a black line on my face. It's ink, I was practicing calligraphy earlier and the fountain pen leaks and gets everywhere. Try to ignore it.

This next one- I don't know what i was thinking. I actually thought it was a jumpsuit. It's pretty va-va-boom!! I do love it. So 60s stage outfit. It reminds me of the kind of outfit Britney would wear on the Toxic video. It is sooo very Versace. (Versace has worked with Britney and Michael Jackson loads)


Did I mention the fit of this stuff is incredible?





The colour of this next one is amazing


It is a bit big on me but I guess I can just wear a bra.




And the iconic Versus little black dress, which runs super small and fits me the tightest (in a good way)





Then I got a bag...



The most colourful one, duh. I honestly only picked up the bag because I thought it was cheap. I didn't even look at the prices of these things, I was running totally late to my appointments so I just thought I'd see it all at home and then take things back. Or I might gift them. Not sure. I do really like the bag, but it's kind of expensive for what it is. The dustbag is exquisite.

Needless to say, i went for the most outrageous stuff I could find. The most colourful, the most print, the most "versace". There was a lot of oriental influence pieces that I didn't care for, and a lot of it that was 80s- can't stand 80s so it was very easy for me to choose. The leggings were fun but let's face it, I don't wear print leggings, I'll leave the hipsters to that. I would have liked to get the studded leather jacket/skirt combo...that's the only thing. But I had to choose cause the leather things were pretty pricey, and I was dying for the trench.

Did any of you go and what did you think??