Vanille Havana (Vanille Absolutament)

I googled the new name of this juice and got nothing - that wasn't a very successful change of name! Rebrands are always difficult, especially when everybody is so enamoured with the original.

Vanille Havana doesn't really smell of what the word evokes to me, therefore I think the new term is a more suitable choice. It is a special vanilla, skillfully adorned with spices. Warm spices with a base of vanilla would be an equally correct description. I wouldn't say it is heavily spiced because it is not intense, but that's not to say that it isn't spicy; it is. It is aromatic and transparent. What floats around you is a cloud of smoky vanilla milk, like a chai latte.

It has a warmth to it that makes it beautiful for cold Winter nights, and that's when I crave gourmands the most. Much has been said by perfume aficionados to elevate it outside of the cliche - god forbid - gourmand vanilla territory, and I agree that this is not a generic vanilla (and i can't think of it as being in the same category of "generic department store smell", none of the L'Artisan line is), but it smells pretty edible to me.

Is it grown up? Well it can be but it is not a serious scent, and it is nowhere near the solemnity, grandeur or elegance of what I expect from a perfume classified as "grown up", so it's confusing when people tell me how grown up it is. Passage d'Enfer is grown-up, Vanille Havana, less so.

What I reckon I'm missing in the mix is a flower; I like my floral vanillas. This is coming from the point of view of a regular girl who likes fragrances and might be way off beat, but that's my reality.

All this said, I enjoy this scent and appreciate it for what it is, I like wearing it because it's very comforting; I have to be in the mood for it and sometimes I feel like it just sits on my skin and it's not "me" - spice is rarely "me".