apr29 hakkasan4 I am wearing dress by Maison, shoes by Gina, bag by Balenciaga. Francesca is wearing Alexander McQueen dress

She told me she was gonna wear red so I decided to wear red too, I never wear this dress and I love it! It was fun, everybody referred to us as the ladies in red which is always a bonus. Professional pictures still to come, hopefully there will be some embarrassing good ones from the party.

We had a private party in Cadogan square but first we went to DINNER! which was amazing, I love Hakkasan.

apr29 hakkasanapr29 rings

I was so tired, I had flown in the afternoon and gone straight to clean the house and run errands before dinner at 10. The thing about living alone is every time you go and come back you have to get rid of food/get food, wash towels/sheets/everything...

apr29 pinkapr29 pink2

How amazing is Francesca's HAIR!!!

apr29 pink3

My friend who invited me, he's a really cool artist, you can check out one of his videos here, it's so funny and "barbarella-esque"!

I wore my new flats (link!) for my first time, I ordered these via Harvey Nichols, they are fold-up and they are PERFECT for changing into flats when you're out and you have to walk a bit, or you just can't stand it anymore. My Gina shoes are really the best, but no heel works for longer than...5 hours? They are so comfortable and feel really good quality.

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