(underwear pic coming up)


I strongly believe that the one place where you can tell if exercise is working, is your bottom. It's the last place to look perfect, and the first place to show any sign of lack of exercise, bad diet, dehydration...because on a modern lifestyle we just don't use it, and as women, fat usually goes there first. It's a good bit to watch because I can assure you that if your behind looks good, then the rest of you is gonna look smokin'.

And when you get to a level where it's good, no matter what you sacrificed to get there, IT IS WORTH IT. I always have this conversation with myself whenever my body is in "optimum" condition...I must do whatever it takes not to forget how fundamental this feeling is to my life. It's power. It gives you the energy to do anything else you wanna do. You're mind and body, you can't just say that you don't have time for your body, or that you don't like your body. Appreciate your body, respect your body, use it for what it's made of: For movement.

So onto what I'm doing. I am currently alternating:

- Tracy Anderson Mat Workout - Tracy Anderson Perfect Design Series Volume II - Pilates mat

I do it about 5 times a week. On days where I'm not doing anything, I stretch/ dance. A little bit of variation helps tremendously, and I like all these workouts, and don't want to stop doing either.

Very happy with the Tracy Anderson method, it has changed my posture which is a huge deal; it has opened my chest, transformed my arms (I now LIKE my arms. I never thought I could like my arms), and increased my flexibility. My whole body looks very good (as good as my body can look, given its structure and proportions, as I've previously discussed. You only wanna compete with yourself). I recommend it to everyone! And even after almost a year of doing these exercises, they are still hard for me. Which is good and bad I guess...I don't feel like I advance much. For me to get better at this point, I would probably have to exercise two hours a day, which is out of the question at the moment.

Ideally I would be doing running and yoga as well...but I'm only human.

I do want to try the Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis in the near future..thinking of splitting up with a friend since it's so expensive. I'd love to hear about anybody who has experience with that one?

The thing about these videos is that they get so repetitive over time, but you really have to do them over a period of time otherwise you don't see results. I usually have them on mute, I pretty much know it off by heart at this point anyway, and I use my workout time to listen to new music in the radio. It makes it a bit more entertaining, and I can still focus on what I'm doing with my body.

Feel free to ask me any questions. I got so many letters and comments from people telling me what they do and what they've tried. I love getting them, thank you! What's everybody doing exercise-wise right now? any tips for the rest of us?