may31_veda_jacketJacket: Pamela Love x Veda // Jeans: Frame Denim (UK here) // Shoes: Tod's (on sale!)// Bag: Chanel

I feel much better today, thanks for all the well wishes : ) ! I've been able to eat a lot more. It's funny because when you can't eat "normal", and you get used to having really bland foods (no fat anything and everything fresh, no sugar), your senses awaken. Simple things like plain green beans become aromatic. Chicken soup is full of flavor. Bananas are like ambrosia to me right now, I guess cause I've been eating so many of them, it's like they have opened up like a rainbow...they taste flowery and tropical, like oranges and mangoes, they're so sweet and exquisite! I can taste the world in them. Even coconut water has a newly found interest to me. Infusions taste sweet without sugar, in fact most things do now.

I can understand vegans when they say they're happy with their restrictive diet because they value things differently, and that is not only for the health benefits, but because they really DO taste differently when you ween off the flavorings, it's like completely different food. The more seasonings, the more you get used to the seasoning and the less you can taste them. When actually, the natural taste of food is so damn rich in itself. It does take a few weeks to begin to taste things and you do go through withdrawals which are near-impossible to get through, but once you do, it's like, you're free... I'm quite grateful for this experience.