Linen top: Isabel Marant // Underwear: Agent Provocateur // Shorts: Isabel Marant // Shoes: Dr. Scholl // Bag: Chanel // Jacket: Sandro

Well! It's been an eventful couple of days. I wanted to check out still a few things from the sales, have a few meetings and get the house in order. I'm relocating TWICE in the next few months. You can't imagine how much I look forward to that.

Anyway. As you know I've been eating super healthy, and this week I have branched out of my kitchen and into restaurant-zone, where surprisingly I have found that there are a few really nice vegan/organic restaurants. I'm already familiar with Inspiral but to be honest I never found their food particularly enticing. Others on my list are: Detox Kitchen in Kingly Court (love it), Vanilla Black, Mildreds and Vitao.

Well, I had a meeting and I suggested we go to check out Vitao in Oxford Street. I was pleasantly surprised, it was very good! It's an oasis in the middle of the crazy touristy crowds, and you see no tourists in here. It looks like a gipsy shack, much like these places tend to look.

I got myself a carrot juice, and a mixture of salads: pesto/veggies, broccoli, seeds and cucumber, potato with nuts...It was all super fresh and also super tasty, I can see myself coming back here.


My friend had more stuff!


I could get into this! I used to think of vegan as a kind of weird intolerant community that I really didn't wanna belong to, (and I do still think that because of it's exclusive nature, it attracts people who are intolerant) but I have warmed up to it, cause I love eating fresh food. The problem with "vegan" is like the problem with "feminism", it's an unsociable term, it's claimed by such weirdos that give it a bad name. Who start making simple words into "lifestyles" and codes of conduct, and in the end the set of rules is so rigid, that it's like committing to a religion, you end up not even trying because you can't possibly keep up with every commandment. And it shouldn't be like that.

Back to more frivolous things...To enumerate my finds of the week:

- I thought I didn't want more yellow underwear but as it turns out, I do. (link!)


- Isabel Marant keeps pulling me in! I found this delicious pale pink stripe top which is just perfection (link to tank! link to shirt!)


And this t shirt tank dress. As you can see I was rather excited to have found such a skimpy bodycon number (link!)

More e-tailers that stock Marant: Steven Alan, Totokaelo, NittyGritty


Then I spent 45 minutes looking at myself in the mirror  jun26_mirrors4



after which I decided I owed it to myself to give myself a full striptease it would be a good opportunity to show you my new underwear (available here and here)



- While in Liberty I couldn't take my eyes off this jacket, that I've been obsessed with since it was announced...It's spectacular (Acne x Liberty jacket)



- A little goth rainbow treasure from Katie Rowland (link in rose gold!)


And in action



(Ph. P. de Havilland)