nov20 trapeze girl

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It's taken me forever to find this bag... I think it's one of the most exquisite color combos, I wanted a tricolor in dark murky tones, no whites or creams because that doesn't work for wet London winter and I'm always in the dilemma of what to wear when the weather is shit. Gotta say the beige/black was very tempting, but hey, I want to be able to treat my bag rough like I like it. I wanted the flap to be leather, the lining to be leather. We finally found it. Truly feels so luxurious. I can't wait to take it for a stroll.

Tricolor Celine Trapeze in Navy, burgundy, khaki

Anybody here has one? Do share. I love Celine bags, I think they are easily the best produced right now (excluding Hermes) and this one didn't seem as ubiquitous as others.

PS- Real trapeze striptease next time. A trapeze is what I'm missing in my kitchen, I think.