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Underwear set is Agent Provocateur

Let me start off by saying: These are candids taken in daylight, no funny business. With the right lighting you can smooth out those lines and shade those muscles, but I wasn't going for artistic nude here, I want you to see how the body looks in real life.

I've been doing the Tracy Anderson method for a few months now, and I'll tell you about the method in a minute but first let's talk about me me me:

My stomach has never been this flat -  it's like a surfboard. It looks amazing, super pleased with it. Even my belly button has changed shape. Waistline is also amazing right now, all the muscles on the sides have tightened up- I could see that right away, within weeks- and I'm not gonna say that it's smaller because it isn't particularly, but it is definitely more defined and angular.

The upper body is where I saw the most radical change: My posture. My chest opened up and is broader; my arms suddenly became relevant in my movements, and it makes me profoundly happy because my arms have always been kind of "where do I put this?" to me. It pulls your chest out and up, and aligns everything where it should. As you gain muscle on the back and as the shoulders become more square, the waist becomes visually smaller aswell. My shoulders look incredible, and I am not sure I would want any more definition on my arms. I have as much as I like, and I am much stronger. My spine looks straight and I haven't experienced any back pain (I have a mild case of scoliosis).
The bottom is fine...I mean, it's always required a lot of work because it's where all my fat goes, so it instantly shows everything..what you're eating, what you're drinking...and I am drinking like a sailor and eating croissants. That said, it's surprising how decent it looks considering that I think Tracy's exercises are lacking in this department. Or rather, I just think women need to spend more time here than on other things if you want it to be tight. So I would say it's fine, but not to the standard of the rest of the body. I will need it to be a little better before I prance around in thongs. I would probably wanna do the rest of the body every other day, and the thigh area every day. You get the idea.

I haven't photographed my legs because you see them all the time. My legs look fine, as good as they're gonna look given their dimensions and structure. I've never had problems with my legs, I walk a lot, they're quite muscular and toned. I would say Tracy's exercises are enough for the legs, as long as you do some walking/cardio.

I haven't been doing pilates, or running, so what you see here is 100% Anderson. It's a very feminine body, rounded, but with the right amount of shoulders and a definitely flat stomach. I feel really confident about being skinny right now, I feel like the awkwardness of my upper body is gone, and I feel strong.

I will also add, that even though I'm not doing any other "exercise" I am dancing, moving, walking for hours, going out know. I'm an active person.

Now onto the method:

I thoroughly enjoy it, it's like a dance routine, that's all it is. It's an hour long but it goes by extremely fast, and you really feel like you're working your whole body enough. Especially the areas that I find difficult to focus on (arms, stomach) are very well directed in this method so you don't get bored. Nothing ever seems like it's dragging on, or becoming stupidly difficult. I'm doing it every other day which comes up to about 3 times a week, and it's enough to keep the body toned, although I would prefer to do it everyday if I can. Little lazy over here at the moment. As Summer draws nearer I am definitely gonna push myself to do it 6 times a week.

The only negative thing that I would say about it is that in the DVD she does not explain things, and if you're not familiar with muscles and muscle groups, harmful movements, how the spine works...all that needs to be studied before. That's why pilates is so good to start with, because its emphasis is on protection of your joints. If you're not exercising and you go straight into Tracy's method, you'll most certainly end up with an injury. It's also fundamental that you learn how to control, where you have to start the movement from, for the exercises to be effective. You have to remain very focused the entire time.

Hope that was helpful, feel free to ask me any questions. I recommend this routine and I was surprised that it worked so well. As I've said before, I believe that exercise is not about losing weight or looking any particular way, it's about wellbeing and being comfortable in our bodies, feeling sensual and powerful. I celebrate the body, and I am just crazy about the human form, so this is a priority for me, to treat it well and keep it in good condition.

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