mar11 windy1 COS t shirt, Theory aubergine leather leggings (here in black suede), Saint Laurent Paris boots

I'm back in London. The weather is dreadful. I've tried to exemplify how windy it was from the comfort of my own living room.

Very windy, as depicted. Of course I was wearing seven layers and a scarf on top of this, because it was snowing and I am not one to suffer cold.

mar11 windy2

I'm blowing away!

mar11 windy3

This is my favourite product of the day: NARS Tinted Moisturizer. I love it, I'm mixing Finland and Alaska and it gives a radiant face.

mar11 nars tinted moisturizer

And now some last pictures from Spain...Valencia was really lovely and sunny.

This is me and June.

mar12 me june

This is me

mar12 sunny spain

And this is June

mar12 june

And me in the plane on the way back

mar12 plane

(earrings by Lana. Post on that coming soon)

PS- Supperclub in London gave me a table on the 22nd of March but I have no idea if i'll be able to go, I'm very last minute, so does anybody else wanna go? Free entry, free drinks, your own lounge bed "Black panther extravanza package" for you and your friends (up to 15 people). Event is here:

If anybody wants to go, comment below or send me an email (dianaanastasia @ asap so I can get back to the PR and give her your names.