aug5 helmut lang2

I've been looking for a skirt I will actually wear, for- I don't know how long. It needs to be sophisticated, casual, go with everything, and ESPECIALLY go with my booties and my leather jackets. Don't wanna jinx this, but I think this could be it...

The off white crepe makes it quite unusual, chic, neutral..I tried many black ones but this one sang me hallelluyah, it kind of goes with me.

(Helmut Lang- click!)

aug5 helmut lang

I really like mismatched outfits..just, really easy almost wrong combinations.

The other day I was thinking...what makes a good style? The people that I consider stylish- What do they have?

For one, spontaneity. For me there is no style without it... It doesn't mean that you don't think about fashion, it just means you're not being pretentious about it. You're putting things together because they make you happy at that moment in time.

I also think there is no style without some kind of continuity or permanence. An all-brand-new outfit never looks too good. I like people who have something old, or something that's their favourite and they always wear. I really love seeing someone in a fabulous suit, and then seeing them in it again. Seeing a girl wearing the same boots, or handbag all the time. Clothes that you can tell have been well-loved always look so much better to me than new ones. It takes a little while to get to know your clothes until they become part of you.

Same with hair and general styling, I like people who know their good features and look like themselves. Nothing wrong with experimenting, but trying to do a makeover on yourself every morning is not elegant...Can you imagine Brigitte Bardot, Catherine Deneuve, Elizabeth Taylor or Marilyn Monroe, or anybody that is considered iconic, switching up their hair all the time, one day with two little braids on one side, the next with a blunt fringe and brunette locks? It looks ridiculous, like you're totally confused about who you are. Being "challenging" and "daring" when it comes to your own styling is just so pointless.

And then there's the most elusive...the clothes that say a lot about you. Sometimes I see girls, and they may be wearing great fabulous clothes, but I could tell you nothing about their personality, it's like they have no soul. I don't know what it is. The clothes are too balanced, or they don't go with them, or don't fit the body or whatever. Their character is just blank. It's not the girl, it's not the clothes, it's not how she's wearing them; it's everything  together. The way you dress should tell something about you. And I don't mean that as an advice or rule, but because it's natural that it would. You've chosen them, you've washed them, you're wearing them a certain way...they are you, they shouldn't be just "blank".


I was having lunch and there was this indian with a really hot blonde sunbathing and I was jealous. So I called Diana and said "you're coming sunbathing with me tomorrow"


Is that why you called me?


Yes. But then it wasn't sunny so I said...Nevermind lunch


Is that why you cancelled on me?