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Absolutely was a gorgeous day, magical atmosphere at Hyde Park with all the carrousels and ice creams and people of all ages coming together...

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Aaaaand they are on!!! It was was really crowded. I spent some of the time on Tommy's shoulders but not nearly enough (just kidding tommy).

Two things that annoyed me, lets start with those:

a) they closed up all of the huge front section for the tier 1 people or whatever. So in this case, "general admission" didn't give you access to the pit standing area like usual. Which is misleading and sucks. Since when do you divide a standing area in half??

b) they obviously hadn't sold their vip tickets and just gave them away on the last day so it ended up full of randoms that had gotten in for free in the best areas. Kind of ridiculous for a show where the regular tickets sold within minutes. I hate when they do that, it's really unprofessional

All in all it was pretty amazing.

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