THE RED LIPPY PROJECT + sexual health

jun7 red lips You will forgive me for doing a somewhat unpleasant post but this is something very important

The Red Lippy Project is raising awareness of cervical cancer.

Cervical cancer is a LOT more frequent than people think. The main cause of cervical cancer is HPV virus. You get HPV through sexual intercourse including oral sex. About 80% of people have HPV. And this is the problem: Men cannot get tested for it and don't know they have it, it doesn't show up on their blood tests or sexual screenings, they don't even know it exists. And it usually doesn't cause them any problems but they are carriers and they pass it on to women, and it's a big deal for women. I'm well informed cause I've had a lot of cancer in my family, and even the pre-cancerous "suspicion" stages can fuck you up immensely.

I think it is SO important to know about this because we're all very familiar with most STDs, and many of them can be treated, but HPV can't be treated, it is not just an infection, and we need to know about it.

Be aware. Use protection. And if you haven't had sex yet (or have been tested and are clean) there is now a vaccine available that you wanna be getting asap. I've gotten it recently. Because the last thing you want to be thinking about when you're having rough sex with your long-term squeeze is cancer.

As a woman you can get tested with a smear test; as a man I'm not sure, I think there's a DNA test, I've heard it's a bit of a mission, I haven't really found any conclusive advice on it although I imagine there must be something.

So the Red Lippy Project encourages women to wear red lipstick all of this week 9-15 of June to celebrate just how clean we're gonna be, getting our tests and vaccines and nice shiny condoms. Expect to see a lot of red around here!


While we're on the topic of sexuality and in a more positive note, I found this really concise article this morning as I was looking for information about orgasms induced from the front of the female pubis (as you do)- well it's interesting because apparently it's directly linked to the g-spot which makes a lot of sense. You can read all about this massage technique here.