Etro Bikini

The day started very innocently, Throat Coat Tea in hand. This is the best thing ever if you're a singer, or get throat issues. It clears them up in a matter of hours, it's amazing. I order mine from the US, a friend from LA told me about it and I always make sure I have a supply.


I'm wearing one of my favourite Marant dresses. I'm sticking to my promise of wearing sundresses this year : )

I was on a mission to find comfy sandals with an open heel, because it seems like my feet are permanently damaged from one shoe strap or another, and in the end I'm always in flip flops. I found these beauties in Matches, they remind the of the handmade sandals they make in Pedro's in Ibiza, which I love and I haven't yet managed to get a pair made. I chose the burgundy


Ancient Greek Sandals (link!)

Then I went to Selfridges to pick up a mid-afternoon snack: Plenish Cashew Milk. I'm totally addicted to this stuff, as is everybody else (they're always out of stock)


And then my legs took me to the fourth floor to try the new Agent Provocateur Fatale perfume. See I'm catching up with everything I can't do in Spain! I was kind of..surprised. It's basically a bunch of fruits with a vanilla base. Kind of like DKNY Be Delicious meets seasonal Dior Addict Spring. Not what I would expect from AP at all, but a nice sweet summer scent that's probably very easy to wear.

Inevitably I ended up looking at bikinis, and voila. C'est Etro, le magnificent.


Etro bikini (link!)

Etro is one of those brands that I adore, it's so chic and such a pleasure to wear, it's never out of style. My first bikini was Etro, I love their beach stuff. Look how proud I look of my bikini-wearing technique.


I also got this at the L'Agent line, for the price after the discounts this was totally worth it, it's so cute. I'm happy with the quality of this line.


Agent Provocateur set (link!)

I was starving by 4.30 or so, and no veggie juice could satiate me. I went into the Le Pain wishing for a Cesar Salad (no luck) and ending up with a Detox Quinoa salad, side of chicken.  It was actually very good. I ordered half a portion, ate half of that and took away the rest in a doggie bag.


Hope you guys are having a wonderful Thursday!