Bikini: Zimmermann

I've been getting some sun and reading "The Woman Destroyed". Very depressing set of stories but I can't help but love everything that comes out of the lips of De Beauvoir. It's full of philosophy, full of brilliant quotes..




I brought with me my size 25 ksubi shorts and gosh..I should've brought the 24. I underestimated how small I am right now! It's not by choice as you know, I'm in this diet to combat (and hopefully heal) my digestive issues, but I do like not having to deal with fat anywhere! I'm only doing yoga and I look great. I feel like this is where my body naturally needs to be, but this is a looong conversation I want to write about soon, my whole history with food, it's quite a long story cause I've been having issues all my life.

A lot of you are friends with me on MyFitnessPal now, thank you, it's nice to have company : )! My diet is pretty funny at the moment, I'm sort of transitioning into vegan but having some meat in there too...Just trying to keep it super healthy. Whenever I'm hungry and I don't have anything fresh to eat, I eat a piece of fruit, usually a banana.


I love my manicure right now, it makes me happy. It's Deborah Lippmann Candy Store jul2_deborah_lippmann_candyshop

This is what I wore in the afternoon, I was feeling like wearing something super flirty, and I loved how these three items went together, it kind of works!


Top: Liberty // Skirt: Isabel Marant (on sale!) // Jacket: Acne x Liberty // Sandals: Ancient Greek Sandals // Bag: Chanel